Saturday, July 16, 2016

Utah - Valley of the Gods


Click image for map:,-109.8147946/37.2642183,-109.9317339/@37.2851595,-109.9290123,32386m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m9!4m8!1m5!3m4!1m2!1d-109.8153893!2d37.25038!3s0x873742576f96e5f5:0x514818bf0a14042c!1m0!3e0


Valley of the Gods is an open valley that is maintained by the Bureau of Land Management.  There is a 17 mile dirt road that is nothing more than a plowed dirt path that is passable by family car only in dry weather.  There are few areas where the road goes down and crosses a dry river bed.  If flooding occurs, those area can be impassible as the entrance signs warn.  The road is smooth and there are a lot of pull-off points, but I would recommend a Jeep or high-clearance vehicle if you can rent one.

You'll need to pack a cooler or backpacks with food and drinks.  There are no facilities.  Nothing is marked and there are no official trails.  This area is a very good place for photography since there is nothing to block your view from the scenery that will surround you.  

We entered the valley from highway 163:

The first sight we saw was called the Seven Sailors:

Here's a view of what the road looks like:

We stopped at this pull-off and did some hiking:

Back to the road and a few pull-offs:

It seems that many people do not know of this place and we only encountered maybe a dozen cars in the two or three hours it took us to drive and photograph the scenery around this 17 mile road.

Another hike:

Back to the car and on to the next lookout:

The road at this point winds around the terrain:

Another hike:

Yup, that's our car way back there:

Back on the road:

Here is the entrance near highway 261:

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