Monday, July 11, 2016

Colorado - Mesa Verde - Point Lookout Trail

Location of Park Entrance: 

Point Lookout Trail

This trail ends at a lookout on top of a cliff that you'll see when you first drive into the park:

To get to the Point Lookout Trail, drive to the camping area, past the gas station and store.  You'll see a lot of camping loops, go to the end.  There will be a small parking lot for the Knife Edge trail, continue driving past the Knife Edge trail and you'll come to a really large parking lot that has the cleanest bathrooms in any park I have ever seen.  This is the amphitheater parking area.  The trail head is at the entrance to this parking lot.

The trail starts in a field just like the Knife Edge trail.

Soon, it starts to go uphill:

Then it gets serious.  The trail is very steep with short sections that switch back and forth.  Before you attempt this trail, make sure you bring lots of water.  Pace yourself, because the air is thin here.

Before you know it, you're looking down on the parking lot:

Only one care parked in the lot.  We had the whole trail to ourselves.

Then the trail levels out on top of the plateau:

There are a few places along the way where you can peek out over the cliff:

The trail continues:

Here's the road you'll drive up the mountain to get to this trail:

Eventually, you'll come to to a large open plateau:

Continue up the trail to the end of the plateau:

Here's a view of the park entrance, including the visitor center:

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