Monday, July 11, 2016

Colorado - Mesa Verde - Knife Edge Trail

Location of Park Entrance: 

Park Description

Mesa Verde is mostly about cliff dwellings.  This park is large and requires at least an hour to an hour and a half just to get to the cliff dwellings.  So plan on spending your day just viewing one of two sections of this park.  For hikers, there are some good trails here.  If you're new to hiking you can take the Knife Edge trail.  This trail is flat and only a mile long (two miles round trip, out and back).  If you are in good shape, I would strongly recommend you hike the Point Lookout trail.  This trail is a very steep climb of about 500 feet and is 1.1 miles one way, but the view is spectacular.

Some of the cliff dwellings will also require some hiking.  For more details on the trails you can go to the National Park website here: Mesa Verde Hiking Trails.

Knife Edge Trail

The Knife Edge trail starts at the campgrounds.  The entrance to the camp ground area in this park is very nice.  It includes a cafe, gas station, rest rooms and a grocery store.  If you need some last minute supplies, this is the place to go.

As you drive into the camp ground areas, you will pass several loops where campers can park.  There is a parking area for the trail that includes a rest room.  There is a sign that clearly marks this trail as the Knife Edge trail.  You'll start in a field:

After walking a bit, you'll come out in an open area with a view:

This turns into a trail along the edge, with a panoramic view:

There are some giant rocks that have fallen from the cliff above:

Eventually, you'll come across a sign that indicates that the fun is over:

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