Saturday, May 28, 2016

Maryland - Weaverton Cliffs

Location of Parking on Google Maps: 39°19'59.0"N 77°40'59.8"W

The Trail 

After you exit highway 340 onto 67, the right-hand lane merges near the road that you need to turn right onto.  There is a really nice parking lot on the right hand side.  Park there if you can.  The trail head starts a short walk from the parking lot.  

It was 97 degrees the day we did this hike and it was a difficult climb.  The elevation from the parking lot is around 700 feet or so, with a total distance of about half a mile.

Virtual Trail Map: Click here

You'll pass a map of the Appalachian trail right at the beginning of the trail.

This trail is very rocky and narrow:


There are numerous switch-backs and the trail becomes very steep near the top of the climb.

Some of the trail is just rocks:

Did I mention the rocks?

You can't miss the overlook, there's a sign marking a split in the trail.

There's a small downward hike to the cliffs:


Here's a view from the cliffs:

The Appalachian trail contains from this lookout.  Another 0.8 miles is a small lookout on the left side of the trail. The lookout is not as spectacular, but the trail is a nice walk:

This lookout does not have a clear view (there are a lot of trees):