Sunday, April 24, 2016

Maryland - Appalachian Trail

Location of Parking on Google Maps: 39.535521, -77.603933

The Trail

The trail head starts at the parking lot.  Normally there is only parking available on the side of the road, and this day was no different.  The weather was in the 70's so it was a perfect day for hiking and many people took advantage of the weather and hiked this trail.  This location is in the middle of the Appalachian trail, so the trail goes two directions.  To the South is Washington monument state park and the North is Annapolis rock.  We hiked the Northern trail to Annapolis rock.

You can see the Google Map of our hike by clicking here.

There's a short up-hill climb and then the trail goes up a mild slope for quite a ways.


 A lot of the trail is stair-stepped.



There's a spot that gets steep, but this is the last of the uphill climb and it's the worse.


After that the path levels out for quite some time.  There's one downward sloping area.


You'll see a sign that indicates that you need to go down a side path to see the overlook:


This small path goes down a ways and it passes a camp ground.


You can't miss the overlook:



If you go further down the main path (another mile), there is another overlook.  The path leading to the next overlook is flat:


There's a rock pile along the way:



The trail leading to the overlook is unmarked.  You should see some red blazes and a "Y" shaped worn path.  There's a rock on the ground with a red circle.

 The view is spectacular:



The Appalachian trail continues on from here, but this was over 3 miles from the trail head and we headed back.