Sunday, June 7, 2015

Maryland - Catoctin National Park - Hog Rock to Cunningham Falls

National Park, website: Catoctin Mountain.

This is a continuation of the Hog Rock trail that I blogged about previously.  My wife and I parked at the usual parking lot at the top of the mountain so we could hike down to the trail that connects Cunningham Falls to the visitor center.  Then we hiked back up the hill.

The Hog Rock lookout was spectacular on this day:

We only stopped for a brief moment and then continued down the path to the right:

This path is not very steep until the very end when it turns into steps, but the view is rather nice.  The path itself is not very wide.  There is a stream crossing, near the beginning of the hike:

The path is very rocky, though we did see one jogger.  This path was very busy on this day due to the fact that it was the holiday weekend and the official start of the summer months.  Here are a few more views of the path:

As you can see a stairway forms due to the steeper grade:

And then you come to the signs at the bottom of the hill:

Overall, this path is not too difficult. It's only a mile to the overlook, which means that the total distance is a mile and a half one-way.  I would recommend bringing a small back-pack with some water if it is hot outside.  Hiking from the visitor center up to the lookout would be much more of a work-out due to the fact that the 1.4 mile hike between this sign and the visitor center itself is a very hilly trail.