Saturday, May 16, 2015

Maryland - Catoctin National Park - Hog Rock

National Park, website: Catoctin Mountain.

There are a lot of really good trails in the Catoctin National park.  The park is free and there is a lot of parking for the trails.  There are two trails leading to Hog Head.  This post is about the easy trail.  This is a beginner trail and my wife and I took my mother (of age 72) on this trail.  It has an uphill climb that can be tiring if you're not in good shape, but it's good exercise for anybody.  There is a parking lot at the top of the hill where you can park your car and then you can cross the road and enter here:

There's a small out-house at the parking lot:

And there are picnic tables, but no barbecues or open flames allowed.  So if you're planning to eat lunch here, it'll have to be a cold one.  This lot services two trails and it's located at the top of the hill when you enter the park.  You can't miss the entrance to this trail, but it's across the street:

The trail is well traveled and wide.  Most of it looks like this:

There are some large boulders on the way through:

And a small stairway near the final destination:

The vista is worth the walk:

There is another path that continues down to Cunningham falls:

The path going down is a steep climb and includes steps.  Don't try this unless you are in good shape (i.e. you can walk at least 2 miles).  The distance to the falls from here is 1 mile.



My wife and I do a lot of sight seeing and hiking.  We have tons of pictures and experiences from the places that we have visited (where to park, how to find the trail, how hard it is to hike, etc.).  So I've decided to create a new blog where I can post our pictures and tell our story.  Feel free to browse around and collect information before you plan a trip to one of these places.  Also, feel free to post a comment or two and I'll answer them as quickly as I can.